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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Overview

Cross Match systems expedite criminal checks and bookings, making law enforcement officials safer and more efficient.

Law enforcement agencies are quickly transitioning from traditional ink on paper fingerprinting to digital fingerprinting products and solutions such as the Cross Match Guardian, 1000PX and the 500P to save time and protect citizens from dangerous criminals. Depending on a law enforcement agency's needs, Cross Match has the appropriate fingerprint and palm print solutions.

Law Enforcement products Guardian 500P

Digital fingerprinting expedites the process of booking a criminal, saving the police hours per individual arrest. Utilizing digital fingerprinting is not only faster, it is also a lot safer. Prints taken from a suspect can be checked in a matter of hours instead of taking several days or weeks. This reduces the chance of a police department prematurely releasing a dangerous criminal.

Cross Match is committed to providing leading edge biometric solutions for law enforcement. The reliable, easy-to-use digital fingerprint and palm print systems incorporate high-quality biometric data and integration with AFIS systems and jail management systems. They are designed for demanding booking, forensic analysis and mobile applications that require precision and durability.


Law Enforcement Products & Applications

Guardian® Applications
L SCAN Guardian®
  • Criminal and civil background checks
  • Check cashing fraud prevention
  • Verifying an individual's identity when purchasing a weapon
  • Capturing prints at pawn shops for tracking the sale of stolen goods

Guardian addresses customers' needs for a compact, ten-print biometric identity management solution. The rapid capture device is a dual use criminal and applicant, livescan and fingerprint enrollment system.

L SCAN® 1000PX Applications
  • Criminal and civil background checks

L SCAN® 1000PX addresses the need for an ultra-compact, high-resolution livescan system. The lightweight 1000ppi scanner rapidly acquires upper, lower and writer’s palms, flats and rolls at 1000 ppi or 500 ppi—using the same prism. The 1000PX is an ideal choice for criminal identification and forensic analysis.

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L SCAN® 500P Applications
  • Criminal and civil background checks

L SCAN 500P is the first FBI-certified, single platen device for capturing fingerprints and palm print images. Ideal for criminal identification and forensic analysis, the biometric identity management solution meets growing market demand for a compact, lightweight, flat, single-platen scanner.

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Verifier® 320 LC Applications
Verifier 320 LC
  • Verifying an individual's identity when purchasing a weapon
  • Capturing prints at pawn shops for tracking the sale of stolen goods
  • Check cashing fraud prevention

The Verifier 320 LC is a unique forensic-quality, Appendix F certified two fingerprint capture device with autocapture and roll capability. The Verifier 320 LC delivers fast, accurate and reliable results for identification, verification and enrollment programs.

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Select Law Enforcement Customers

  • Belgium Police
  • Cocoa Beach, Florida Police Department
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • German Police
  • Mississippi Highway Patrol
  • National Police of Japan
  • Poland Police
  • New Bern, North Carolina Police Department
  • St. Lucie County, Florida Sheriff's Office
  • San Luis Obispo County, California Sheriffs Department
  • Virginia State Police
  • United Kingdom Police
  • Washburn County, Wisconsin Sheriffs Department


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