L Scan 500P
  • Compact Single Platen Palm Biometric Scanner

    L SCAN 500P

    L Scan 500P is the first FBI-certified, single platen device for capturing fingerprints and palm print images. Ideal for criminal identification and forensic analysis, the biometric identity management solution meets growing market demand for a compact, lightweight, flat, single-platen scanner.


    • Perfect Image capture, which eliminates background for crystal-clear images
    • Perfect Roll technology, which provides guidance during fingerprint capture for high-quality images
    • Easy system operation with content-sensitive buttons and intuitive icons on a local color display
    • Mounting bracket to secure the scanner to a flat surface
    • Optional Universal and Adjustable Height Cabinets available to create an integrated booking station
    • Powerful, proven and best documented software support by L Scan Essentials SDK
    • MTBF of 45,000 for five years of continuous use
    • Optional transportation cases for portable applications available
    • Compatible with L Scan Essentials and L Scan Master Software
    L SCAN 500P