• Revolutionary new user interface, enhanced optical design and more flexible capture modes


    Crossmatch continues to set the global standard for civil and defense ten-print scanning applications with the next generation Guardian. With a revolutionary user interface, enhanced optical design, and more flexible capture modes, the Guardian provides a completely self-guided ten-print fingerprint capture process that represents a new level of adaptability to real world use.

    The Guardian’s new intelligent user interface and screen intuitively prompt a user through all necessary steps by indicating finger sequence, placement and pressure; correcting typical mistakes and ensuring the rapid and accurate capture of high quality records every time. The scanner incorporates FlexFlat and FlexRoll capture modes, providing a more user-friendly way to capture both flat and rolled fingers anywhere on the platen. In addition, a new optical design allows for high quality image capture regardless of whether a subject’s hands are wet or dry.


    • Intuitive instructions via integrated, touch-screen display
    • Superior wet and dry print capture
    • Improved ergonomic design and capture flexibility