DigitalPersona® for Law Enforcement

Composite Authentication Security Solution

Secure, compliant and efficient risk-based access to criminal history record databases and critical workflows for police departments, sheriff’s offices and other law enforcement agencies

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What’s driving law enforcement IT security?

Defending against data breach

Access to records databases that stores citizen data, criminal history, fingerprint records and motor vehicle information need to be highly secured. Policies should be consistently enforced whether officers are at a desk or on patrol.

Mobile scalability

As police and law enforcement agencies adopt new mobile technologies, an adaptable and scalable authentication solution needs to cover any device, anytime and anywhere with limited burden to IT infrastructure and support teams.

CJIS compliance

Advanced two-factor or multifactor authentication is required from remote or unsecured locations to comply with the FBI’s CJIS Security Policy. Maintaining strong system and data security while permitting frictionless access is critical.

DigitalPersona authenticates both field officer and back-office police department staff – across all compute nodes and applications in squad cars, office PCs and kiosks.

Key benefits for law enforcement agencies

Complete coverage for all law enforcement applications and devices
DigitalPersona secures access to records databases storing criminal history, fingerprint records and motor vehicle information from all endpoints including mobile, squad car laptop or precinct desktop. Authentication policies are consistent across devices and locations, whether officers are at a desk or on patrol.

Strengthened protection of sensitive citizen and criminal justice data
Law enforcement organizations have the flexibility to deploy contextually appropriate authentication security factors, whenever and wherever needed. System administrators can manage customizable authentication schemes on the fly with an array of factor types including: what you have, what you know, what you do and where you are.

Rapid adaptability in full compliance with CJIS
Deploy in days with little to no disruption to agency operations. Compliant data and network security with the CJIS standard for multifactor authenticaction is made simple.

Address authentication requirements for regulatory and mandate compliance

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standards
Digital identity guidelines (800-63) that cover identity proofing and authentication of users (whether employees, contractors, or private individuals) interacting with government IT systems.

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Compliance
A security policy set forth to provide the appropriate guidelines to protect the transmission, storage and generation of criminal justice information.

Integrations make it easy to protect and provide seamless access to these cloud-based services

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Featured Case Study

Charleston County Sheriff’s Office selects
DigitalPersona CJIS compliant authentication

for easy-to-deploy, strong security for over 100 mobile units including patrol cars and boats. Identity assurance for access to computer-aided dispatch and NCIS


DigitalPersona Authentication Methods

Go beyond passwords with behavioral and biometric authentication factors

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Case Study

Phoenix Police Dept. Case Study

Strong, CJIS compliant two-factor authentication with efficient security policy administration

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Secure, complete, human-proof and adaptable composite authentication

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