DigitalPersona Altus

  • Secure Access and Prevent Fraud
    with Multi-factor Authentication

    Single- and two-factor authentication, consisting of something you know (password or PIN) and something you have (smart card, phone or OTP), do not provide proof of presence. These traditional credentials depend on the user to secure access to resources and data. To protect against fraud, including data breaches, you need an authentication solution that supports multiple factors, including biometrics (something you ARE).

    DigitalPersona Altus is a secure, multi-factor authentication solution that allows you to set risk-based policies. It is flexible, scalable and easy to use. DigitalPersona Altus integrates into your existing IT infrastructure, keeping the total cost of ownership (TCO) low. With DigitalPersona Altus you can Create, Confirm and Control user identities.


    Expert Services — Assess-Design-Deploy-Support
    Let our experienced identity professionals evaluate your security requirements, recommend best practices and configure a highly-effective solution that aligns with your business model. Our experts assist with deployment, training and ongoing optimization of your DigitalPersona Altus solution. These services are valuable in the design of your solution, as well as the integration of best practices for enrollment and creation of non-repudiable identities.