DigitalPersona Altus - Multifactor Authentication

  • Bring exceptional security to a variety of interactions and transactions

    DigitalPersona Altus

    Banks are looking for ways to reach currently unbanked customers. Retailers are searching for ways to reduce theft and fraud. Government agencies want to improve service levels and reduce costs. All of these needs require the affordable and positive identification you only get from biometrics. Crossmatch has developed a secure, affordable and easy-to-deploy solution called DigitalPersona Altus to meet these identity assurance needs.

    Identity Assurance Through Multi-factor Authentication

    Our solution provides a modular framework that delivers identity assurance through a strong multi-factor authentication client and server. Altus leverages fingerprint biometrics, smart cards, Bluetooth and other secure, yet affordable technologies. Additional authentication clients on Android or Linux can be developed and connected to the Altus infrastructure using REST compliant Web Services or Android Authentication Layer. The solution enables service providers to create assured identities and subsequently authenticate employees, customers and citizens in real-time anywhere.

    Altus features a three-part framework that includes:


    Modular Solution — Create-Confirm-Control  

    Altus Create establishes a non-repudiable biometric database for secure enrollment and access to applications. The database contains digital identities that bind key elements, including biometrics, biographic data and breeder documents (such as birth certificates).

    Altus Confirm verifies or identifies a user and provides an assured identity. The user’s credentials are managed during the entire life cycle, from enrollment to de-provisioning.

    Altus Control provides access to computers and applications creating a single sign-on (SSO) environment using biometrics. This provides a seamless integration with core applications and prevents unauthorized access. Additional integration using the Altus SDK, REST compliant Web Services or Android SDK enables strong authentication into custom applications. Altus Control also offers audit trails and a variety of management reports.

    Expert Services — Assess-Design-Deploy-Support  

    Our experienced identity professionals evaluate your security requirements, recommend best practices and configure highly effective solutions that align with your business model. Our experts assist with deployment, training and ongoing optimization of your DigitalPersona Altus solution. These services are valuable in the design of your solutions, as well as the integration of best practices for enrollment and creation of non-repudiable identities. Services may include policy definition, customized workflows, software development and hardware options.

    DigitalPersona Altus  
    • Biometrics-based credentials. Bind authorized user identities to their biometrics for strong authentication.
    • Complete enrollment solution. Integration with identity documents and other identity databases. Either on premise or mobile.
    • Configured to your policies. User identity management, remote authentication and access privileges are managed according to your specific business rules.
    • Successful deployments. Program success is enhanced with Crossmatch consulting services, which includes options for assessment, design, deployment, training, optimization, technical support and lifecycle management.
    • Low administration costs. The system is easy to use and easy to maintain. Administrators can monitor activity and update, enhance or revoke privileges. Choice of Active Directory integrated or stand alone LDAP Authentication server.
    • Flexible and scalable. DigitalPersona Altus is designed to scale up to meet increased demand and can grow with your user base.
    • Trusted by industry experts. Dell, HP and other industry leaders integrate Crossmatch biometrics-based solutions into the offerings they bring to market. Their selection of our solutions shows an industry-wide commitment to biometrics as a core security and access technology and it demonstrates the efficacy and innovation of Crossmatch’s offerings.
    • Reporting feature. Assists with compliance mandates (i.e. record of user access to computers and applications).