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Don't let passwords and CJIS compliance interfere with protecting the public

Meeting CJIS requirements should never hamper the priority of protecting the public.  You need a smart solution that enables both. Crossmatch (Brochure) can help your organization meet the advanced authentication CJIS requirement while offering secure & fast access to data. We eliminate the need to type in passwords and user IDs.  Simply touch the fingerprint reader and your user ID and password are entered for you.

CJIS compliance while operating safer, faster and smarter

DigitalPersona Altus suite of centrally-managed security applications addresses the CJIS mandate of access management through advanced authentication - eliminating time wasting and annoying authentication procedures.  DigitalPersona Altus enables secure and immediate access to data and applications - from any computer, any desk, any car, at any time.

CJIS Lock Red Dash Fast, Secure Log-in
Fast login  to your computer and applications - just touch the fingerprint reader, card reader or other method of authentication to gain quick access
CJIS Monitor Red Dash Access Management
Tokenless Remote VPN Logon, Single Sign-On, Emergency Access Recovery, Shared Workstations

With DigitalPersona Altus achieve security and compliance while improving workflow and lowering operating costs:

  • Usable Security - Simple end-user workflows reduce work-arounds
  • Cost-Effective Deployment - Use existing security architecture, avoid costly rip and replace
  • Legacy + Cloud - secure access to both types of applications
  • Centralized IT Control - controls all security policies and events centrally

Sign up for a demo and learn how to meet the CJIS mandate in a way that's easy on you and your users. Grant funding assistance is available courtesy of Crossmatch at PoliceGrants.com

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